Lance Bangs announces 90s alternative rock docuseries titled I Don’t Belong Here

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3 May 2022, 10:35

Lance Bangs

Credit: Rex

American director Lance Bangs will be making a new docuseries about the rise of alternative rock in the 1990s titled I Don’t Belong Here.

Announced yesterday (2 May), the project will come from the production company Anonymous Content, but it is unclear which network it will appear on at the moment.

If the title of this new docuseries seems familiar it’s because it has been taken from the chorus of Radiohead’s 1993 hit single Creep, which is hailed by music industry professionals as one of the most notable alternative rock songs of its decade.

A synopsis for the new docuseries (via Deadline) talks of the music genre’s commercial rise at the time as “an absurd and surreal moment” and adds: “These are the stories – told by the musicians, scouts, producers and label heads – who did their best to make sense of a time that made no sense, when dope-fiending punk rock trolls swindled seven-figure advances and an anarchist Japanese noise collective wound up as labelmates with Fleetwood Mac.”

Radiohead in 1997

Credit: Getty

Bangs is more than qualified to take on a project like this as he was a notable contributor to 90s alt-rock himself as a music video director.

He worked with the likes of R.E.M, Green Day, Sonic Youth and Pavement and is also married to Corin Tucket, a member of the 90’s alt-rock band Sleater Kinney.

The director shared news of the new project using a screenshot of the Deadline announcement on his Instagram page. He also used to caption to call for more contributors to the series, writing: “I’m sure there are more stories from this era to learn from. So, reach out if you have them.”

I Don’t Belong Here will mark Bangs’ return to television after several years- he previously worked on episodes of Portlandia and The Meltdown With Jonah And Kumail in the 2010s.

In other 90s music news, Liam Gallagher has debuted a new song of his at a charity gig last week, which you can listen to here.