AC/DC's Brian Johnson rubbishes rumour Bon Scott wrote Back In Black lyrics

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26 Oct 2022, 15:33

Brian Johnson onstage with ACDC

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AC/DC star Brian Johnson wants to squash rumours about who wrote one of their famous songs.

There has been a rumour doing the rounds claiming that Bon Scott wrote lyrics for Back In Black.

Now Brian Johnson has spoken out to insist this isn't true.

He addresses the rumours about his predecessor in his new memoir, The Lives Of Brian.

He addresses the rumour in chapter 22, called Rolling Thunder: "It was me at the end of the pen, writing every night and every morning, with only the title to work with. That's what happened. That's the truth and I really hope that settles it."

He told Rolling Stone: "There was one particular journalist — a writer in Australia — who just wouldn’t let go of this thing," the singer explains.

"And of course, Malcolm and Angus [Young] were like, 'What a f****** load of b*******.' And I said, I wish you would tell him. And their attitude was always, 'Just leave it. Just let them talk himself into a f****** early grave.'

"And of course, it became more and more obvious by the day that Bon hadn’t, because the riffs weren’t written then. The boys were still doing it. So we didn’t say anything because otherwise it would have given him more fame.

"It wasn’t something that stuck in me craw a lot," Johnson adds, "but every now and again, a fan would come up and say, 'This guy’s saying this.' And factually, it wasn’t true. There wasn’t an internet then; it didn’t really get further than Australia. But I thought it was awful I had to explain meself and that’s why in the book, I went, once and for all, I want to put this baby to bed."

Johnson stopped writing lyrics for the band in the 80s.

He recalls: "I think that was a management decision. It wasn’t anything to do with me. 'Listen, Brian. I think the boys are going to write all the lyrics now.' I said, It’ll give me a little bit of rest not having to worry about coming up with something every now and again. I never thought of it that much. I just said, OK, let the guys go ahead and do it.He confessed he does miss the opportunity for a double-entendre.

"And I must admit I miss some of my lyrics. There was some lovely tongue-in-cheek ones, you know, Have a Drink on Me. And in You Shook Me All Night Long, “She always kept her motor clean.” We all know what I meant, but it’s the double-entendres I miss. I’m fine with it. It doesn’t bother me at all."