Harry Styles is a merman in Music for a Sushi Restaurant video

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28 Oct 2022, 09:00

Harry Styles a a merman in Music for a Sushi Restaurant video.

Credit: YouTube / Harry Styles

A new video has dropped for Harry Styles’ single, Music for a Sushi Restaurant, and it sees him portray a merman-type character. 

The release of the clip was teased earlier this week on the @HSHQ Twitter account, with a picture of a bearded, topless Harry, and the clip has since landed. It shows the musician as a tentacled, half-man, half-squid who is caught by fishermen and taken to a restaurant.

Whilst it initially seems that he is set to be served up as sushi, his singing soon gets the attention of the restaurant owners, and he is brought out to provide entertainment. 

The hot new star can then be seen wearing sunglasses, a tiara, feathers, glitter and pearls. 

However, when his voice begins to crack during the show, the workers begin sharpening their knives again…

Watch the clip here: 

Music for a Sushi Restaurant is the opening track on the singer's latest album, Harry’s House. It is the third song to be given a music video, following Late Night Talking and As It Was.

The new music video was directed by Aube Perrie, and was shot in Brooklyn in September.

Safe to say fans were excited about the clip dropping. One commenter described it as a “masterpiece of satire, in jokes, digs at the industry, home truths and pure fun.”

Someone else said: “Harry is just surpassing himself in every kind of way. The style, cinematography, song. What a time to be alive and see this man become more a legend!

Another YouTube user wrote: “He is everything that is weird and wonderful that makes this life so much sweeter. He’s just a giant, unabashed nerd. Harry Styles has made being different cool. Every step he takes is amazing and a little mad hatterish. You go, Harry.  Keep doing you. You are loved for you.”