Adele plans to study for an English Literature degree after Las Vegas residency

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28 Oct 2022, 15:17

Adele onstage, bookshelves filled with books

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Despite being one of the most successful singers in the world, Adele has academic ambition.

The superstar has revealed she would like to study an English Literature degree after her postponed Las Vegas residency.

Adele revealed her plans during a Q&A session with fans in LA on Monday.

She said: "After Vegas I want to get a degree in English Literature.

"If I hadn't made it singing, I think I would be an English Lit teacher."

"I definitely think I use my passion for English lit in what I do. I wish I'd gone to university and had that experience, but I will do it online with a tutor."

She added: "That's my plan for 2025, just to get the qualification".

Her series of concerts in Vegas were postponed earlier this year, as confirmed by Adele in a series of emotional posts.

One person who will be pleased to hear about Adele's degree plans will be her old English teacher, Ms McDonald.

There was a surprise reunion for the pair on stage during her ITV comeback concert last year.

During the show, Emma Thompson asked Adele who had inspired her when she was younger.

Adele explained about Ms McDonald, saying: "She was cool and so relatable and likeable, that I really looked forward to my English lessons."

"She left in year eight but she got me really into literature, I've always been obsessed with English and obviously now I write lyrics," Adele explained.

"She was so cool, so engaging, and she really made us care, and we knew that she cared about us and stuff like that."

It was then revealed Ms McDonald was in the audience.

"You're amazing darling, I am so proud of you," she told Adele, who was overcome with emotion.

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