Charlie Watts will appear posthumously on new Rolling Stones album

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28 Oct 2022, 15:55

Charlie Watts onstage

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Ronnie Wood has confirmed that Charlie Watts will appear on the next Rolling Stones album posthumously.

Watts sadly passed away in August 2021 at the age of 80.

The band have paid tribute to the drummer at many concerts since.

Now, it has been revealed that fans will get another chance to hear his talent.

The band are currently working on an LP of new music, their first for 18 years

Wood told The Sun: "We are recording the new album now and we are going to LA in a few weeks to carry it on and finish it off"

"Charlie is on some of the tracks, and drummer Steve Jordan."

Jordan stepped up to replace Charlie when he became ill, and has been drumming for the band on The Rolling Stones’ 2022 Sixty tour.

The band commemorated six decades of the band.

The album is the first new collection of songs since they released 'A Bigger Bang' in 2005.

The Rolling Stones released a cover album called Blue and Lonesome in 2016.

Mick Jagger recently paid tribute to his departed friend.

In a social media post, he shared a video with a voiceover talking about Charlie.

He says: "I miss Charlie because he had a great sense of humour,"

"Outside of the band, you know, we used to hang out quite a lot and have interesting times. We loved sports; we’d go to football, we’d go to cricket games, and we had other interests apart from just music. But, of course, I really miss Charlie so much."

The band's bassist, Darryl Jones, is also the star of a new documentary.