Danny Jones teases McFly reunion for 20th anniversary

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17 Nov 2022, 11:09

McFly pose for photo

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McFly star Danny Jones has hinted at a reunion show for a 20th anniversary.

The Voice Kids judge has been keeping busy, but stopped to chat while attending ITV Palooza.

He says life is good, apart from an injury he sustained last year.

Danny said: "I had a little bit of an injury towards the end of the year. I'm going into surgery next week to get my ACL and my meniscus sorted out. So there'll be a bit of a recovery but onto, you know, onto better things after that, hopefully."

He said he still has the support of his fellow bandmates: "The boys are [being supportive], luckily, we've worked hard and we've got a busy year next year.

Danny continued: "So once I get this surgery done, I can't give too much away on that, but by your faces, I believe you know what I'm saying.

The 20th anniversary is approaching, and Danny gave a hint to be excited: "There's going to be a couple of years obviously, but we've got a big anniversary coming up as well"

"So watch this space for McFly in the next two years because we've worked out a lot! The big 20 - I know I don't look old enough for it to be," he laughed.

Asked about their career longevity, Danny said: "Yeah, 20 years in the industry is just madness!"

He promised: "There's a couple of years to go before we reach our 20th year so I'll speak to you then."

What would you like to see from the band for their anniversary?