Coldplay launch pop-up shop to provide essential supplies for refugees and displaced people

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22 Dec 2022, 09:14

Chris Martin of Coldplay

Credit: Getty

Coldplay’s annual pop-up shop, Choose Love, is back for the winter, and it’s a shop with a difference.

In the store, which is online and also has a physical presence in London, customers can buy essential items, supplies and services, which then go to refugees and displaced people around the world to help them get through the winter.

Fans who head along to the shop don’t actually take their purchases - such as winter coats -home with them. Rather, they go “directly to the people who need them the most.”

Customers can also pay for things such as food, heating fuel and educational materials at the charity shop, which was co-founded by the band’s ex-manager, Josie Naughton.

Coldplay announced the relaunch of the shop on Twitter this week. A video says: “It is a shop like no other. You buy services and supplies, and we deliver them to refugees and displaced people… Everything you buy will go directly to the people who need them the most. We can’t wait to see you.”

The short video also shows a long queue of people waiting outside the shop, as well as some of the items that are on offer inside.

You can check out the online shop at, and if you are in London, you can head along to 15-17 Foubert’s Place, Carnaby. 

In other Coldplay news, the band recently revealed that they are back working in the studio. In a tweet which shared some of the group’s current favourite artists and tracks, they wrote: “We are in the studio. We send you all so much love.”

The band’s list of favourite artists included The 1975 and Stormzy. Also on the list were Erykah Badu, BTS star RM, and Dublin-based rock band Inhaler, whose vocalist and guitarist Elijah Hewson is the son U2 frontman Bono. Berlin/Tokyo musician and composer Kyoka was included as well.

Coldplay will be hitting in the UK and Europe across May, June and July 2023, with gigs happening in Manchester and Cardiff as part of their massive Music Of The Spheres world tour.