Lunar mentor Kirsty Gallagher gives her forecast for the final new moon of 2023

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11 Dec 2023, 13:49

Kirsty Gallagher, Chris Evans at Virgin Radio Studios

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Moon expert Kirsty Gallagher has given her best tips for making the most of the final new moon of 2023. 

Tomorrow night (Tuesday 12th December), the moon will be in Sagittarius, and while on The Chris Evans Breakfast Show with cinch, Kirsty explained what that means for the rest of 2023 as we look to the new year. 

“We have got such a beautiful day tomorrow,” the moon mentor shared.  “We've got the final new moon of 2023, but it's a Moon in Sagittarius. So this moon now is literally about envisioning the future. It's about what we want for 2024 and the energy of Sagittarius brings hope and optimism and expansion. So tomorrow is a day to dream and to really dream big.”

There is a slight asterisk on those dreams though, as Kirsty explained: “What this moon is asking us is that it's not necessarily a moon for doing, it’s a moon for going in, visualising dreaming, looking at the bigger picture. If anything were possible for me, what would I want next year? If there were no limitations, what would I want next year if I really believed in myself, what could be possible for me next year?”

“I honestly believe that every dream within you, is within you because you're the only person that could bring it to life,” she continued. “So if you can't visualise something, that's not your dream. If you can really visualise something, you kind of owe it to the world to do everything you can do to make that seed, that vision within you, to nurture it and nourish it. Give it life so it can grow next year.”

It’s not only the final new moon of the year, but expect to feel some changes as Mercury is in Retrograde from Wednesday too.

While Kirsty explained that Mercury being in Retrograde means a lot of “communication” and “travel” can go wrong, it also offers the chance to slow down. 

“Think before you speak in Mercury Retrograde,” the yoga guru added. “Slow down, speak, don't feel you have to, and slow down. If you have to travel somewhere, give yourself a bit of extra time, especially at this time of year. Don't be rushing.”

Kirsty elaborated: “Mercury Retrograde, in just hours after this moon, is again saying to us, let's look back over the year so far, and let's gather our wisdom. What did you learn? How did you grow? What worked? What didn't? What did you say you were going to do? And then didn't, and why? 

“Because you got scared? Because the conditioning came in a little voice told you you couldn't. They told you you couldn't why? In doing this mercury is going to give us that beautiful opportunity to review the year gone by, and then alchemize that into wisdom to be able to see how we want to do things differently next year.”

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