Natalie Imbruglia explains how Masked Singers’ identities are hidden from each other backstage

Virgin Radio

17 May 2024, 11:22

Credit: Virgin Radio / ITV

Natalie Imbruglia told Chris Evans about her time on The Masked Singer, and spoke about how the show stops anyone - even fellow competitors - from learning the identities of the celebs taking part.

The Aussie star joined the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with webuyanycar with her pal Jack Savoretti to perform their new single, Ultime Parole, when talk turned to her 2022 victory in the ITV singing show.

Speaking about the process of taking part in The Masked Singer, the former Neighbours star said: “It's cloak and dagger. You're not allowed to tell anyone. You have to put gloves and a mask and a visor on to get in… I did quite well, and I really find it hard to keep things quiet!”



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She explained: “I kept an accent, from the time I got into my taxi, all the way there." 

The actor and singer explained that, during rehearsals, the stars had to keep their identities hidden “even from the stage, back into your room” and “anytime you need to go to the bathroom.”

When Chris asked: “Everybody's compartmentalised, so you don't know who who the other contestants are?” Natalie replied: “Oh no, they’re really strict on that. They are very careful about who goes where, but I could tell Charlotte Church’s voice. I was like, ‘No one else sounds that good. She was amazing.”

On winning the popular TV competition, Natalie said: “I loved it, more than I expected to. I’ve never been so famous [as] that week! Of all the things I've done in my life. I'm telling you, heads were turning and it was only for a week. But it was great. 

“I got a call from, like, Richard Branson, who has never called me for anything I've done. And he's like, ‘I'm just so proud of you.’ 

“And I was like, 'I had to put a panda costume on, and everyone thinks I'm cool!'”

As well as performing as a special guest for Shania Twain at British Summer Time in Hyde Park on Sunday 7th July, Natalie will be joining The Corrs for their Talk on Corners tour in November. She said: “I opened for them in Australia, and it was amazing. And then they asked me to do the UK.”

Describing it as “really exciting,” she said: “They're incredible. So much fun to be on the road with.

“I remembered their songs but then when you go and see them play, and they go into the Celtic, I mean it's just amazing.”

Jack Savoretti and Natalie Imbruglia’s song Ultime Parole is out now. For more information on Natalie, head to

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