'I don't want this to end' - Tom Burke on EPIC Furiosa scene that took 77 days to film

Virgin Radio

17 May 2024, 12:51

Credit: Virgin Radio / Warner Bros UK

Strike star Tom Burke spoke to Chris Evans about starring in the new post-apocalyptic action adventure film, Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga.

Joining the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with webuyanycar to talk about the film, which is out next Friday (24th May), he said that playing the role of war rig driver Praetorian Jack was beyond his "wildest dreams.”

Directed by George Miller, the standalone film is the origin story of the character Furiosa from the 2015 Oscar-winning Mad Max: Fury Road. Speaking about how the director gets the actors into the right headspace, Tom said: “You do what they loosely call a preamble. And it can be very different things. And it's just something to imaginatively get the temperature right between however many characters. And sometimes it's very verbal, and sometimes it's physical. Once or twice, [Miller] said, ‘Try just screaming.’ Everything stops for that. This big machine just stops to get the emotions happening and the energy.

“It's easy to walk onto a set like that and just feel like you have to be cool. And actually, he doesn't want that, he wants to see people affecting each other.”



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One of the big action sequences in the movie takes up 42 pages in the script and lasts about 15 minutes onscreen. “I think that was 77 days,” Tom said, regarding the time it took to film the sequence.

The actor continued: “It was my favourite bit, and the guy who is the big stunt coordinator and the second unit director, he kept coming up to me - and sometimes give the impression I'm far more well read than I actually am - and he goes, ‘You must be very frustrated,’ and I grabbed his arm at one point I said, ‘I'm loving this! I would do this forever! Please, I don't want this to end.’

"And then occasionally they’d go, ‘We think might give you a line.’ I said, ‘I don't need a line. I'm really enjoying just the looks and the gear stick and the wheel!’”

Explaining what happened during the month-and-a-half of filming that one scene, the British acting star said: “So there's shots where it’s actually for real, hurtling down a road in the middle of the desert, and then you're doing all the cutaways of, like, gear sticks and things, and then you're doing all the stunty stuff with people ascending and descending on various contraptions.

“That's all happening, 180 degrees around you. Even when there's bits of green screen going on, there’s flames coming up one side, there’s smoke coming up another. The whole thing is rattling away because they literally got a machine to make the whole war rig move of its own volition, even if it's stationary. There's leaf blowers on one side… and there's people on wires, and there's a car you know, actually hitting the bonnet and rolling over. It’s extraordinary.”

The lead character is played by Last Night in Soho’s Anya Taylor-Joy. “From the very first moment we see her, it just sets her up as a real original individual. She's relentlessly courageous throughout the whole movie,” Tom said of the character.

The movie also features the likes of Nicholas Hoult, Tom Hardy and Chris Hemsworth. Regarding the latter, The Musketeers star Tom said: “You learn from people like that, because they've got such warmth and class about them. 

“He's just so good looking as well. You just get lost sort of looking into his face.”

He added: “What's brilliant about him, you sort of imagine somebody who's that size has a very particular physical centre that they can only play from, and actually, he's got a fluidity and a mobility in the way he plays Dementus which is slightly at odds with his kind of shape. It makes it a very interesting character.” 

Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga is out next Friday, 24th May.

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