Dr Mindy Pelz explains the benefits of fasting and says ‘the more you do it, the easier it’ll get’

Virgin Radio

11 Jun 2024, 12:53

Credit: Virgin Radio

Author and world-renowned women’s health expert Dr Mindy Pelz visited Virgin Radio to turn the pages of her latest book, Fast Like A Girl.

Joining the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with webuyanycar, Dr Mindy explained how her book aims to help readers take back control of their health by using fasting. She told Chris: “In the book, I talk about the Thrifty Gene Hypothesis, which is if we had got to go all the way back to the hunter-gatherer days, and we have to look at the fact that we didn't have grocery stores, we didn't have pantries, we didn't have DoorDash, we didn't have access to all those foods. So we were actually genetically designed to thrive in a fasted state, so we could go and find food. But now, you fast-forward to today, and we're doing the complete opposite. And there's some theory, this is the Thrifty Gene theory, that we're actually going against our genetics now by eating all day long."

The book - which specifically addresses women's needs, based on their hormones and menstrual cycle - shares tips on the rights steps to go from eating all day to intermittent fasting and how to safely fast longer if you choose to do so. Speaking more about fasting, she said: “We call it metabolic switching. So as your blood sugar goes down, your brilliant body, what it does is it decides, ‘Hey, I have another fuel source. I'm gonna go ahead and switch over to this other fuel source,’ a little bit like a hybrid car. All of a sudden it switches over, and it starts to burn fat and make another product called a ketone. That ketone goes up into the brain, supercharges the brain, turns off hunger, and so you're over here feeling good, and your body's healing, and it's doing that by making a fuel from burning your fat.” 



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She added: “This is what I love about fasting. I do not know another diet on the planet that gets easier the longer you do it. Yeah. That's why so many people are getting such great results."

Dr Mindy continued: “What I've been trying to do is really rebrand fat, because when you look at what our brilliant bodies have done is, when there is excess, excess glucose, toxins, hormones, to save your life, instead of putting it around your heart and lungs, instead of putting it around your liver and all the other organs, it actually puts it around your belly, your booty. For women, it can go into our chest, it puts it around your face, all of these extra places we go and look in the mirror and we start villainising it and criticising ourself, but your body actually did the right thing at the right time. So when you go into a fasted state, what happens is, all of a sudden the body goes, ‘Huh? I think I stored some things a few years ago. Let me go burn that.’

“And it goes into this healing state. It's really, truly a miracle.”

Saying “we have really lost the belief in our own bodies”, the author explained: “A big reason why I wrote this for women, is because women are suffering the most, and we turn on ourselves. We think bad thoughts. We think we're undisciplined. We can't stick to calorie counting. We can't stick to the latest diet, but we've lost track. That we have this own inner guidance system that can do it for us, if we just move out of the way and let it take over. And that's really what fasting does.”

She added: “The point I really want to make to people is that it gets easier. So every time you do it, just hang in there. If you've tried it and you're like, ‘Ah, it wasn't that easy for me.’ I promise you, the more you do it, the easier it’ll get.

“Some people do have some adverse reactions, so sometimes people can get some rashes or some brain fog, and that's just the body detoxing. It's just shedding these old cells.

“The more I watch people fast, the more I'm convinced of everything I am telling you.”

The doctor added: “You have all these switches inside of you that you don't need to spend money. It doesn't take time. It's within you. So, learn to be curious about it. If you start to practise fasting, don't start judging yourself. If it gets difficult, play with the pieces. And the last thing I'll say, specifically to women, is that it's really important now more than ever, we understand our bodies, and Fast Like a Girl was my gift to all women to help them understand how to use this free tool to heal themselves.” 

Fast Like A Girl is out now.

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