Jo Brand on her new special How To Stay Sane In A Mad World

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11 Dec 2020, 12:54

This is just what our Friday night needs. The comedian is fronting a panic-attack defying guide of how to not go mad in this total car crash of Covid times. The well-loved comic takes us through everything in this one-off show from alcohol to isolation and ‘doom-scrolling’ to bring some well-needed laughter into our locked-up lives. 

The former psychiatric nurse joined the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky earlier and said about how to nail boredom in these brain boggling times.

She explained about the late-night talkingheads list show: “It’s an A-Z guide, I think it’s a good mix… It’s positive but not serious although there are some facts to help people.

“I think we’ve said banana bread is so passé, so lockdown 1. There’s a mix of great people on there you wouldn’t expect.”

These include everyone from comedians to psychologists, to dog trainers and outdoor swimmers. 

What are the highlights of the programme? She explained about ‘doom scrollers’ who are people who ‘sit there and get absolutely terrified by what they read’.

She said: “Anxiety has gone up a lot and some people can’t help themselves, there’s advice on how to deal with that.”

So does Jo still drink alcohol? “I don’t drink anymore, not for any particular reason. 

“I inherited from my mother the ability to be face down in the gutter after half a teaspoon of sherry. I’m a bit dangerous in that sense so I don’t bother.

“As you get older your inability to process alcohol isn’t so efficient.

“When I was a student nurse, I could go to work on 1.5 hours after being up all night and function perfectly well.

“Age dictates you can’t do that anymore. Being older, you have to watch it now.” 

How does she feel about getting older? Jo explained: “I’m appalled by age. I still feel like I’m 23.

"When I’m out and about with young comedians I must be so embarrassing. I don’t understand the words they’re saying, I just nod as if I do.”