Health gurus The Happy Pear twins on how to go from sloth to stallion in 2021

Virgin Radio

5 Jan 2021, 11:29

From former model ‘meathead jocks’ to open-water swimming, whole food cheffing, bestselling authors, David and Stephen Flynn are flying the flag for plant-based healthy eating to help us all banish the blubber and blues this new year. The identical twins joined the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky to talk about their 2021 plans and new book.

They told Chris: “We grew up in a small town in Greystones Ireland in an all boys family, with a very masculine upbringing… we used to eat a meat and two veg diet, then we went on a journey of self discovery and through that we realised we were really into health, happiness and community. 

“So we started our business which we called The Happy Pear with this full Disney dream of creating a happier, healthier world and building community.

“We left as meathead jocks and came back two years later as idealists who wanted to start a vegetable shop.

“We wanted to explore and see what else gave us meaning in life, and we found health was hugely important so we changed to a plant-based diet 20 years ago and that's been the hallmark that changed so much within our own life…

“It started a little vegetable shop and we've made three cafes, we have about 50 products and about 1,000 stores, we've written five best-selling cookbooks and it's all about the same thing; trying to get people to eat more fruit and veg.

“That's the whole emphasis behind everything, to inspire people to eat more fruit and veg and live a happier, healthier life.”

Do we need to ditch the dairy? They said: “We're not saying that anyone needs to be a vegan or vegetarian. All of us want to wake up and have more energy and it's hard now in lockdown. 

“We all want to have better immunities and better mental health, and food is such a massive importance. It’s easy to get caught in a rules of eating, with processed foods and junk foods."

Thankfully that doesn’t mean being a maths whizz when it comes to eating. The twins explained: “The Happy Health Plan is all-you-can-eat, what our plans are, no calorie counts, no portion control, which is amazing because sometimes it can be very bad for people's mental health...

"Once you're eating the right type of foods - we're really focused on whole plant foods - it's naturally low in calories and high in fibre so it fills you up and it nourishes you.”

Unfortunately, getting off the sofa is a must. They said about their open-water swimming: “We always quite like that stoic ideology that when you face a bit of discomfort, you can appreciate comfort a lot more. Through a cold shower or getting into a cold sea, suddenly a blanket around us feels like we deserve it.

“The sea might be unrelatable to most people but it could be a run, it could be a yoga class, it could be anything that you can do to make you feel good that forces you out of your comfort zone.”