Bastille's Dan Smith talks all about their documentary: ReOrchestrated

Virgin Radio

19 Feb 2021, 12:15

Even the most die-hard fan of Bastille is sure to learn something new about their favourite band, thanks to their brilliant new documentary, ReOrchestrated.

Singer Dan Smith joined the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky this morning to tell Sam Pinkham all about the documentary and how it came about. It’s a very personal film, with the band all being interviewed separately, plus hours and hours of footage from on the road.

“A few years ago, we were asked to do a show for a charity called Streets Of London, in a little church in North London. We wanted to do something special with it, so we decided to make it really easy for ourselves and completely change, and orchestrally remix all of our songs” laughs Dan.

It was quite an undertaking. “We basically flipped all of our songs on their heads, and I got so obsessed with how that gig went that I sort of got it in my head, that we should do it on a bigger scale. We ended up touring it, and finished it in the Royal Albert Hall, which was one of the most amazing nights of our lives.” That’s definitely a bucket list venue for any band.

Dan says people around them couldn’t understand what they were trying to achieve. “They were like ‘Why are you doing this? You're like in the midst of your second album, going into a third? It's a strange thing to voluntarily take on, but it was just something that we felt really passionately about.”

The band were all interviewed separately, which led to some surprising revelations for them, says Dan: “The main thing for me was this kind of narrative that emerges about Kyle's insecurities. I think he probably plays down how good he is, but there was a point towards the beginning where our manager at the time basically said, ‘he's not good enough, maybe get someone else in the band’ and he was our friend.” Ouch, that’s got to hurt.

“It just didn't even occur to me that that would be a thing, you know, so we, we had to have this kind of weird chat, sitting him down the four of us. We’re obviously not good at confrontation, in the most British awkward way. ‘Like, is there any way you can maybe get a bit better at the thing that we're trying to do?’ He didn't tell anyone he was having piano lessons from loads of different people". It all worked out OK in the end.

Dan loves performing covers and reworking songs: "We love doing covers, we did out mixtapes. Whenever we do sessions and take music that people maybe don't respect enough, or seen as disposable, we like to rejig it present it in a different way". The band have done some brilliant covers for The Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky previously, and they’re all fantastic.

ReOrchestrated is out now on Amazon Prime.