Deacon Blue talk about their songwriting methods and perform a beautiful cover

Virgin Radio

19 Feb 2021, 15:51

Deacon Blue are one of the hardest working acts around, and they joined the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky this morning to perform some beautiful tunes.

Sam Pinkham just about managed to compose himself again before talking to Lorraine McIntosh and Ricky Ross from the band, after they performed a beautiful cover version of ‘Always On My Mind’.

“It totally floored me… it’s such a beautiful piece of music, it just takes you down!” exclaimed Sam. The song has long been a favourite for the band: “It's a kind of love song to the audience. We used to play it as our last song, because everyone knows it. The lyrics are just really about that. It's about taking people seriously” says Ricky.

Lorraine can relate: “It just catches you unawares. I think in these times, I think tears are much closer to the surface for most of us and you hear a piece of music that means something to you or moves you. Before you know it you're in tears, but it happens to us all!”

The couple celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary last May during lockdown. Sam asked what their songwriting is like, and Lorraine says Ricky is the main songwriter but she has a unique process.

“Rick calls me the editor, because he's writing at home in the studio and I'm in the house. If I hear something I like, I come in and make encouraging noises,” she explains.

“If I don't come in, he'll say, ‘so you didn't come in so you didn't like that?’ And I'm like, ‘Nah, not really’ I have to because you know, it's my band, too.”

She adds: “We're going to be performing this and if you love someone, you have to be honest with them. And generally, I'm able to say that I think it's brilliant, so that's good.”

The band are hoping to get back on tour as soon as possible, Lorraine says: "It feels like that over the years, we've played in every city and town in the UK. So they all have a personal connection.  We know people everywhere, so we can't wait to get back out and reconnect with people."

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