Sally Lindsay on her gripping new drama Intruder and writing a comedy thriller

Virgin Radio

6 Apr 2021, 10:10

The Corrie queen joined the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky to talk about her TV gold and going crazy while quarantining abroad.

She told Chris: “I’m basically trapped in a hotel room in Malta for two weeks. I'm glad I never did Big Brother because I'm going a bit mad already. 

“We’re filming out here for eight weeks but we have to do two weeks quarantine. They're very strict over here but it's a beautiful island.

"We're actually on the island of Gozo, it's like paradise. I can see it but I can't touch it, it’s very infuriating."

On her glamourous filming location, she said: “I think I spent most of my career on a caravan parking lot in Manchester so I just thought, no, next thing I'm in is in the sunshine.

"It’s a thriller comedy. It’s not as dark as the rest of the stuff. It wasn't meant to be funny though but because I wrote it with my friend Sue, it just sort of happened and it's a little bit funnier than we thought it would be, but it is a thriller."

On the plot of Intruder, she said: “Basically there’s this couple who think they've got everything sorted in the life. They've got great jobs and they've got this beautiful house by the coast.

“They've got this dinner party and they're all a bit squiffy they all get a bit self important and two very, very young lads break in to rob them.

“One of them tries to escape but gets caught, but the guy in the house stabs him in cold blood in the back. There's no need for him to do it because he was literally escaping.

"So therein lies the story so it's a really interesting drama in the fact that it started with the murders and the crime - then what happens is the unravelling of all the terrible backstory of what’s happened between this couple.

"I play this very underrated, under cared for family support officer. She just comes into see the family and to see if everybody's alright.

"She's a police officer but she's not active in the case and she just knows something's not right because they tried to cover it up. 

“Because they're posh, because they're rich everybody believes them but she knows something's wrong and so she follows them and she just unpicks the case and you find out these horrendous things have happened in their past and it's all going on - it’s like a roller coaster."