Chris and Rosie Ramsey on their huge new tour Sh**ged Married Annoyed

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7 May 2021, 09:23

The hilarious husband and wife Geordie duo joined the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky to talk about their uber-popular podcast, selling out Wembley and their trusty TMI listeners.

Chris explained how their comedy act came about: “I started doing a TV show and while I was promoting it on Facebook Live, my wife Rosie started heckling us in the same room. 

“This turned into a bit of a cult following for Rosie to the point where I was doing stand up gigs and people were chanting her name when I was talking about that.

“Rosie then decided we should do a podcast. I famously said no, pointless, waste of time, which she mentions probably on a daily basis. I have to apologise more on a weekly basis. 

“We did the podcast, it took off. We couldn't believe it, then we decided to do some live dates. They sold out immediately.

"We sold out Wembley Arena in 24 hours so we put 110,000 extra tickets on and they're also selling fast and we still can't believe it.

“It feels like a practical joke. If you’d got us on now to tell us that this is all a practical joke I wouldn't be surprised.”

What's their show about? He said: “We sit down and make each other laugh, that's all we do. We just talk about life, we talk about married life, kids...

"We argue with each other quite regularly on the podcast, but we're just trying to make each other laugh and hopefully other people find it funny, which is just lush.”

On the juicy listener dilemmas that they get emailed, Chris said: “You can't normally guarantee good content from viewers and listeners, but oh my goodness I was proved wrong. 

“They tell us anything and everything from medical dilemmas to problems in their marriages and we just mediate that.”

On making the show work in huge arenas, Chris said: “It's gonna have elements of chat, elements of the podcast obviously because it is a live podcast.

"However, you can't turn up at The O2 Arena or Wembley Arena and just sit and do a podcast so thankfully Rosie is a fantastic singer and we've got some really, really awesome stuff planned."

Rosie admitted: “I wouldn't care if I wasn't a fantastic singer. If you think that I'm gonna go to Wembley and The O2 and not do a 10 minute medley at the end… who wouldn’t?"

On gagging to get back on stage, Chris said: “I haven't done stand up for over a year, I'm chomping at the bit. I'm going to be in tears.

“We moved house recently and all the lads who were from the removals company when they had their tea break I was standing outside talking to them on the drive and it felt like a gig. It's pathetic.

“My current hobby is just checking the seating plans on all of the arena websites. It's my thing. It’s how I fill my day now.”

Check out the Sh**ged Married Annoyed website for tickets and dates.