Kerry Godliman on her new mystery thriller Whitstable Pearl

Virgin Radio

28 May 2021, 13:59

The actress and comedian joined the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky to talk about her murder mystery TV crime series, re-writing her stand up show and what's to come for her on the new series of After Life.

She told Chris about spending three months filming in Whitstable during the winter while in deep lockdown: "I feel like it's my town now because I didn't see other people around when I was down there.

“It’s a seaside who-dunnit about a local woman who is a pretty successful restauranter but she also dabbles in a bit of private detective work on the side. Initially it was not too challenging stuff, not that sinister and then we find her when it takes a bit of a dark turn and she finds a body of an old family friend.

"I think she's a bit scared, she's out of her depth. So there's always that sense that she's kind of flailing, a little bit naive, but she's determined.

“It’s based on the books by Julie Wassmer. She's written eight of these mysteries and Acorn TV rightly recognised that it would make a fabulous television programme so they commissioned it.”

On having to crowbar in some new pandemic-related material into her stand up routine, she said: “I got four gigs in and then it all came to a halt. So I'm resuming it but I'm going to have to COVID it up now because it was written pre COVID.

“A lot of the stuff was about domestic life, family life, and we all lent in quite hard to family life in lockdown, so some of the things became truer than before. It'll be fine. I’ve got till September, I'll work it out.

"I will have to have references. I’ve got to put the pandemic in it. You can’t ignore it. It’s the unignorable."

On the upcoming new series of After Life, she revealed: “We're filming the third season. I probably shouldn't say anything. I mean, all I can say is I'm still dead.”

Whitstable Pearl is available to stream now on Acorn TV.