Ricky Wilson on narrating new animated comedy show, Dodo

Virgin Radio

8 Jun 2021, 09:55

The Kaiser Chiefs frontman joined the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky to talk about the new comedy series Dodo, and how he empathises with the show’s main character. He also gave Chris an update on what his band is up to this summer.

Dodo starts on Sky Kids next Monday (14th June), and focuses on Joe Connolly (voiced by Derry Girls’ Dylan Llewellyn) as he navigates his way through starting secondary school. Ricky, who narrates the programme, told Chris how he became involved. “They said, ‘Would you like to narrate a cartoon?’ and they showed me the pilot. They said, ‘Will you have a Zoom call with us?’ and sent some scripts. I didn’t realise it was an audition, and as soon as I realised it was, I thought, ‘Well I have to do this. There’s no way I’m failing an audition,’ because I’d never done an audition in my life. And I got the job!"

When telling Chris about the process of recording the show, Ricky said, “I’ve never done a voiceover before, and you’re a long time in those rooms. I found it quite cosy to be honest.”

Dodo will feel familiar to anyone who has ever experienced the highs, lows and anxieties of the first year in ‘big school’. Ricky told Chris that, as a natural worrier, he empathises with the show’s protagonist. “I was, am, and will continue to be a worrier. I think it’s what’s got me through to be honest.

“It’s a survival instinct that worriers should see as a bit more of a superpower than actually a thing that gets in the way, because you do build things up in your head. I do spend my life pretending not to be a worrier, but now I’m letting it out. Chris, I’m a worrier!”

Dodo is aimed at kids aged 8+ and families, and is based on the YouTube hit, Not The End Of The World, created by Jack Bennett. Despite narrating the new series, Ricky has yet to watch the finished product. “I haven't seen it and I'm so excited to see it,” he said. “I really like the pilot that Jack did at university. It was a big YouTube hit and now it’s going to be a massive hit on the telly as well.”

When talking about the show, Chris asked Ricky how he goes about choosing what projects to take on. Ricky told him, “My decision-making used to be all based on nonsense about perception and how people would see me in the bigger world, and whether that would impact my brand as a Kaiser Chief. All bets are off nowadays. 

“I just do what puts a smile on my face, and this did. I’m saying yes to a lot of things that I never used to think were possible.”

Chris also asked Ricky for an update on what Kaiser Chiefs are up to this summer. “I’ve been writing constantly. We have to write something by September. We’ve got lots of gigs booked in over the summer, and lots of people are excited about coming to them. I’m just crossing my fingers that they happen, because, you know, things change every day.”

As well as his gigs with Kaiser Chiefs, Ricky is part of the supergroup performing at CarFest South on 29th August. He told Chris, “We’re currently trying to sort out a rehearsal, but I don’t think we need one!”

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