Shaun Ryder on his new single Mumbo Jumbo, a new album & being back on stage

Virgin Radio

24 Jun 2021, 15:28

The Manc music icon joined the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky to talk about his first solo album in 18 years Visits From Future Technology and loving playing now more than in the nineties. 

He told Chris about the offering which he wrote 11 years ago: “I’d just finished the album, flew back from LA and then I was called into the jungle for I’m A Celebrity and when I went into the jungle I had one manager. I came out of the jungle with a different manager and he was like, forget about the album, go and build your profile up on tele, so it just got forgotten about. 

“And then when we were in lockdown and I was stuck in the studio at home, Alan McGee said, get your album out and so we did.

“We crossed a few T's and dotted a few eyes, and it was remastered and then we said, yeah, let's get it out.

“It's like my Sergeant Pepper, it's nothing like Sergeant Pepper, but delusionally with me because it’s different flavours on the albums with the tracks. 

“I’ve got to go out and do the Black Grapes stuff this summer and I've got to go and do the Mondays' stuff, when I've got that out of the way I want to take the album out.”

How does it feel being a stage legend compared to back in the nineties? He said: “It was exciting and all that but I always felt a bit odd because I was never one of those like, you hear of really professional guys who come alive when they go on stage and when they come off stage they finish.

“Well I was alive before we went on and I’d go on stage and be like, whoo… I preferred making the music and all that so that's part of the job and it was a love/hate thing.

"That’s a lot to do with me and everything else, you know, confidence but now I enjoy it more than ever.”  

Visits From Future Technology is released in August. Mumbo Jumbo is out tomorrow.