Bear Grylls on how to Be Military Fit, getting involved with National Fitness Day 2021 and feeling stronger together

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22 Sep 2021, 10:31

Bear Grylls

Get moving! Wildman Bear Grylls joined the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky to talk about sorting out our fitness military style and getting behind the 10th National Fitness Day 2021 which, yes, is today.

Bear told Chris about Be Military Fit and getting us all moving: "It’s a great, positive thing for the nation to remind ourselves that physical fitness is a big part of being physically healthy and I think the last 18 months has been a strong reminder about that.

"BMF, Be Military Fit, our outdoor fitness company is sponsoring this year and it's all about encouraging people to do something, get outside and do it with people you love and you start the journey. I think so often people get daunted by getting fit and it almost seems too big a mountain to climb but we've got hundreds and hundreds of BMF parks across the country with instructors offering free sessions so whoever you are, whether you're the fittest or the least fittest person you know, it's your chance to get outside and do it with a friend, try one of the sessions and start the journey. 

“I look back over the last 18 months and the BMF community and the workouts have been such an anchor for me even when we've been in difficult remote places… to be able to go online and do a workout with the community has been amazing through all the lockdowns and for my family as well.”

So what’s his actual daily fitness regime? Bear shared: “As I get older it's about managing things, not going too crazy and giving enough recovery time so I tend to train every other day for 30 minutes. I don't need to do more than that.

"I do lots of bodyweight stuff and kettlebells but I do it with a community and that's why I love BMF. Whether you're in a park with loads of people with one of our trainers motivating you or even whether it's through my phone on BMF online.

“I love that community. I find I'm not very good inside. I love being outside and along with people who are encouraging each other. It's been a real rock over the last 18 months. I like a bit of yoga as well once a week... keep bending. I've got a lot of old injuries.”

Don't be afraid to get down and dirty. He said: “Outside in the rain, a little bit of mud, have a shower and then you're ready to work. I think the lesson I've learned over a lifetime, but also been reminded so much over the last couple of years is it's about inner resilience as much as outer resilience. Anything that makes you feel, yeah come on, I smashed today!

“I think whenever I go to gyms and everyone's inside and they're looking at their phones and the white light, it can't be as good as being outside and it's been amazing seeing that BMF community grow so much over the last year. I think people get it that outside, together, inner and outer resilience is a good thing.”

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