Vicky McClure hopes to inspire people with her ‘fascinating’ role in Trigger Point

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21 Jan 2022, 12:15

Credit: Getty

Credit: Getty

She’s back on the small screen in new ITV drama Trigger Point this weekend, and while joining The Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky this morning, Vicky McClure revealed the most surprising thing she learnt on set, and why she hopes people watching might be inspired to join the force. 

Vicky stars as Met Police bomb disposal expert Lana Washington in the crime series, written by Line of Duty's Jed Mercurio, and promised viewers a ‘very high octane’ experience when it airs on Sunday night. 

Having worked with real-life bomb disposal experts - or expos for short - to learn the tricks of the terrifying trade, Vicky admitted to Chris the industry ‘is a man’s world’ and her character doesn’t technically exist. 

It’s something Vicky hopes to inspire with the new series, in a similar way Line Of Duty inspired a generation of police officers. 

She told Chris: “As it stands, there are no female expos in The Met. I've double checked that. But there's lots of female expos in the army. So I don't know, hopefully, this could be inspiring for people. 

“I know lots of people that have been really inspired to join the force after watching Line of Duty, which is a real honour to know that. Lana holds her own. She's in a man's world, that's for sure. But she gives as good as she gets.”

Vicky’s knowledge of expos was limited before taking on the project, but admitted she is now ‘enthralled’ by the brave team of experts who tackle the dangerous situations day-in and day-out. 

Out of all the things she was most surprised by while working on the series, Vicky admitted: “They're so blase, but like, they're so good at their job. To them, it's second nature. 

“And so the way that they describe it and all the sort of training that they've had, and the fact that they've seen things that we'll never see in our lifetime, I think they've just got such a wonderful sort of strong, brave persona about them.”

Having to learn how to not accidentally set off a bomb in a short amount of time wasn’t easy for Vicky and her co-stars, but she revealed the one rule they followed which truly shocked her. 

Vicky explained: “I always found it quite strange when they told me to take my helmet off…they were like ‘that’s not really going to protect you if the device goes off’. 

“Then they want you to remove it because if it knocked anything or you know, impaired your vision or anything like that. There was just tiny little details that me and you would have thought was ridiculous. But to them there's so much thought and theory that goes behind it.”

If trailers and previews (and Chris’ predictions) are correct, the nail-biting series will be yet another hit for Vicky, and when asked if she’d return for a series 2, she simply said: “I had such a ball. Yeah, I'd be very pleased to do it again.”

On her role, Vicky recently revealed she went without make-up for the series, as she felt a responsibility to be 'real and human' for audiences.

Trigger Point starts on ITV on Sunday 23rd January at 9pm. 

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