Joe Wicks on the hilarious moment he got Louis Theroux in an ice bath- “He was so cold afterwards"

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17 Mar 2022, 10:59

Credit: @thebodycoach

Credit: @<a href="">thebodycoach</a>

The Body Coach, Joe Wicks, joined the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky this morning to talk about that hilarious video of Louis Theroux taking an ice bath in his garden and his brand-new cookbook ‘Feel Good Food’.

If you haven’t seen the video on Joe’s social media of journalist Louis Theroux yelling out in pain after taking an ice bath with The Body Coach- go and do that right now.

It’s hilarious.

Speaking about getting Theroux into the ice bath, Joe told Chris: “I wanted to get him round to do a PE with Joe, we did a workout, had a giggle and then I got him in the ice bath.

“He had never done it before, and he was in there for a 90 seconds and he was so cold afterwards but he said he enjoyed it. But yeah, it was a funny video.”

Louis' production company has been making a documentary with The Body Coach titled 'Joe Wicks: Facing My Childhood', and Joe decided it would a good idea to get him to do some of his exercises.

However, he revealed he was shocked at how physically fit Louis was and said: “He’s 51 years old, and he came round my house, and I smashed him with a HIIT workout, a proper hard workout, and he kept up with me.

“And then he took his top off and he's rigged up- he’s got abs!”

He added: “He looks amazing, I said if I’m 51 and still training like that and pushing through a hit session, I'll be well happy."

Joe explained he takes ice baths himself every other day for his mental health, and uses a metal bath filled with ice from his ice machine before switching over to his jacuzzi or sauna for warmth.

He explained: “I basically invested in this during lockdown, I was really stressed and I wanted to do something for my mind and body. So, I got an ice machine, like you get in a bar or restaurant, I've got a metal bath and I fill it up with cold water, throw a bit of ice in there and I've got a big barrell sauna from Canada, which is amazing.

"So I get super cold, I do like two minutes in the ice and then I jump in the sauna and get hot, and I do that about three or four times and it's really good for my mind and body. I just find it really calms me down.

"It's like mediation for me."

Speaking of maintaining good mental health, Joe has released a new cookbook called ‘Feel Good Food’, which is full of recipes designed to improve your mood.

He explained: "I want people to get the connection between the food we eat and our mood, and how it really affects our mental health and that is really what the narrative of the book is about."

He added: "The food you put in your body has the ability to drain you or make you feel lethargic and bloated, or it can actually energise you, fire you up and get you feeling amazing.

"There is science now to show the microbiome in the gut affects our mental health and our actual mood, so this is what Feel Good Food is about.

“It’s an important message at the right time because people are suffering mentally and physically, and I want to get people feeling positive again.”

‘Feel Good Food’ is out now.

A release date for Joe Wicks: Facing My Childhood has yet to be confirmed.

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