Sara Pascoe on her new comedy show and newborn baby: 'I’m getting so much recognition'

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1 Jul 2022, 11:18

Sarah Pascoe and Chris Evans

Comedian Sara Pascoe joined the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky this morning to talk about her new comedy show Success Story and the moment she knew she wanted to do comedy forever. 

Pascoe will be heading back on the road this November for her biggest tour to date, and this time she is armed with brand new material all about the newest addition to her family, which welcomed her bundle of joy with husband, Steen Raskopoulos.

Speaking about her new tour, Success Story, Sara told Chris how her new baby has influenced the comedy she does. 

She said: “At the moment, I'm talking about having a small baby, and it's the first time actually where I'm saying something very universal.

“We did IVF, and the word success is used a lot, and that’s what made me realise I wanted to talk about work as well as fertility and having a new baby. And yet having a baby is the first time I am saying jokes, and I'm getting so much recognition, but it just feels amazing. 

“You know, sometimes you talk about your life, and it's not as universal as you think it is, but everyone knows about screaming babies.”

As previously mentioned, this will be the biggest stand-up show of Pascoe’s career to date, and she will be playing more than 50 dates between November this year and April 2023. The show kicks off in Hayes at The Beck Theatre on 10 November and concludes in Basingstoke at The Anvil on 22 April 2023. 

Pascoe has been a stand-up comedian for over 13 years and still recalls the moment she fell in love with the career during her first-ever performance.

She told Chris: “It was probably about 13 years ago, and I had two glasses of wine. I was sitting at the side, and I couldn't imagine actually being on stage. But when he says my name, I thought, ‘I'm going to say, I'm so sorry, this was a huge mistake.’

 And then actually he said my name and I was too embarrassed to say I couldn't do it. So I sort of walked up, and then this click happens, doesn't it? You just you cope, and you just kind of start talking, and then it's finished. And then it was wobbly legs. 

She added: “I walked offstage, and I said, ‘I found the thing I'm meant to do for the rest of my life. Everything's been leading up to this moment.’ Isn't it wonderful? I remember sitting on the tube afterward and thinking ‘I'm going I'm a one-man-band like those people in Shakespeare's time, who went from town to town and said their plays.’”

The set she performed was about her old secondary school in Rockford and how it was drastically different from the lives of the teenagers in High School Musical but, according to Sara, it didn’t get many laughs. 

She explained: “I realised I was bad at something, but I wanted to be good at it. I didn’t really get any laughs, but people smiled at me. It was the effect of them looking at me that was like, ‘No, this is it. I don’t want to be an actor. I don’t want to be in character, I want to be me.’”

Performing to large audiences and getting lots of laughs is now just a normal part of Sara’s day-to-day job, but apparently, she still gets just as nervous as she did back then and has learned from fellow comics how to handle it. 

She said: “I think you have to reframe it to yourself before you’re in from of anyone. David Baddiel always says, ‘it’s not nerves, it’s excitement’. So if that’s what you’re telling yourself and you come up and say ‘let’s go, I’m so excited to be here. I haven’t eaten lunch.’ Then they [the audience] realise that you’re an actual person. You’re admitting some vulnerability, but you can cope, and you’re not scared so they can be comfortable.”

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