Lunar Living guru Kirsty Gallagher on the incoming Virgo New Moon and how to set a meditation routine

Virgin Radio

26 Aug 2022, 10:57

Chris Evans with Kirsty Gallagher at CarFest

We’re about to enter a new moon phase, and it’s all about moving forward, according to lunar expert Kirsty Gallagher. She stopped by The Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky while at CarFest South in Hampshire, and revealed all about the incoming Virgin New Moon, and the best tips if you want to start meditating. 

Kirsty revealed the incoming lunar cycle will help with the distractions of summer and help welcome a more grounded autumn. 

She explained: “From 9:17am tomorrow morning (27th August), we’ve got the Virgo New Moon. It’s a really amazing moon because it asks us to take everything we’ve been through over summer and we get really distracted over summer. We're here, there and everywhere, we put things to one side, we know we want to make changes and do things but we’re too busy.

“The Virgo Moon comes in now to take us into autumn and to help us to plan what changes we want to make, how to move forward. It’s like a back to school moon. 

While at CarFest, Chris was flanked by comedian and Gavin and Stacey star Rob Brydon, who asked Kirsty why he has so many friends who are Virgos on the astrological chart.

“What you normally find is depending on certain aspects in your birth chart, you tend to draw those sorts of people to you,” Kirsty elaborated.

“Virgo teaches you about being present, about being grounded. Virgo teaches us about those little daily actions being put in place, so if you want to meditate, what you need to be doing is doing a little bit of meditation every day. You’re never going to get to a place where you can suddenly do 20 minutes uninterrupted, so Virgo is all about daily rituals, daily routines.”

Those daily routines can be hard to stick to, especially if you’re constantly on the road performing, like Rob, so what can you do to ensure you have the time to meditate each day? 

“You can create that for yourself,” insisted Kirsty. “That’s what this moon asks us so the intentions that we’re going to set tomorrow, the Virgo Moon says to us, ‘what are you spending all of your time, energy and intention on? Is it good for you and serving you and how can you begin to put little daily practices, rituals and routines in place to ground you and take you closer to where you want to go.’

“Meditation helps because we show up for ourselves, because very often we’re outside of ourselves, we abandon ourselves, we lose ourselves, we run 10 steps ahead of ourselves, or stay 10 steps behind and so you committing to something, even a five minute meditation practice a day, you’re saying I’m worthy of showing up for myself at least once a day, everyday.”

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