Nick Frost opens up to Graham Norton about being diagnosed with ADHD later in life

Virgin Radio

2 Oct 2023, 11:56

Nick Frost and Graham Norton at Virgin Radio Studios

Actor and writer Nick Frost candidly discussed his experience with ADHD while chatting about his introspective book, A Slice of Fried Gold. 

The new tome, out now, is part memoir, part cookbook, and features the Shaun of the Dead star’s love of cooking and how growing up while his mother was struggling with alcoholism shaped his love of food.

Part of A Slice of Fried Gold discusses Nick’s ADHD diagnosis, which he received at 47-years-old despite dealing with the symptoms of the condition his entire life.

While on The Graham Norton Show with Waitrose, the comedy star admitted his diagnosis came after “a crisis” and he had a “raft of mental tests” to determine his ADHD. 

He explained: “They said, ‘Okay, so you've got these things’. I've read this a lot actually, people who get diagnosed later on, they're like, ‘ah!’. That explains me eating the same lunch every day for 30 years. I’ve lived my whole life like this.

“It's weird, because there are highs but then it's also 'I'm on a sofa for two months with blankets on my head'. I tried to medicate for a while too, but it was just too much. It wasn't right for me. I had done it for 47 years so maybe, the fact that even now sitting here I'm thinking of 50 other things, it’s alright. I’m alright with it.

“I think I hear this a lot too, that people think ADHD is like some kind of superpower. I think I get it. I understand why you'd say that but it's also crushingly painful.”

For Nick, he admitted having ADHD and his love of cooking go hand-in-hand after Graham suggested it explained why he always felt comfort in the kitchen.

Agreeing with him, Nick added: “Even just peeling vegetables and then slicing them. I mean, sometimes I do that when I'm not even cooking. If my brain is a certain way. I'm like, ‘I'm now going to finely dice eight carrots’. I'll just sit and I'll finely dice eight carrots. And then…you stand up and you're like, ‘right, good’, and then you can go on with it.”

Norton also praised the 51-year-old for being so open about the reality of parenting in A Slice of Fried Gold.

Frost admitted: "Yeah it is hard and I’m not great at it all the time, and I think it’s alright to fail. 

"I’ll often say to my own kids, ‘Look, I’m just not that good at this right now.’

"I heard someone say it the other day which was a really nice way of putting it, saying to your kids, ‘I’ve never done this before, you know, bear with me.’

"Unfortunately, I’ve got a 12-year-old so he’s the real messed up one, and then the other ones will be slightly less messed up as I refine my fathering."

A Slice of Fried Gold by Nick Frost is available to buy in bookshops now.

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