Adam Henson: "Lots of people don't know where their food comes from"

Virgin Radio

28 Mar 2021, 13:33

Adam Henson has written a children's book, called , and joined the Graham Norton Radio Show with Waitrose to talk about it, plus life as a farmer.

He explains how interactive the book is: "There's about 40 lift flaps, so you can go through the book and learn about where your food comes from, and learn about the seasons."

"As you lift the flaps on the side of the combine harvester for instance you can see what's going on inside and learn new things. It makes it quite fun and interactive and Rachel Saunders, the illustrator, has got some beautiful drawings throughout the book. It's something for kids to do, or parents to do with their children. What I really hope is that everyone enjoys it but they also learn a little bit more about farming."

Adam reveals that some of his family are vegetarian: "My daughter is a vegetarian, and so is my partner Charlie, but my son Alfie and I are big meat-eaters. We have grown up sensible conversations at the dinner table. Honestly, I really don't mind what people eat. Farmers should produce food to the best of their ability,  and we produce some amazing food in the UK.  We should just have sensible conversations about where your food comes from."

He's a keen advocate of education and making people more aware about their choices of what they put on their plates. "I think there's quite a large divide. I think with pandemic and the food panicking going on, people were starting to worry a bit more about food and food security. It's about learning about the seasons, how it's grown, how animals are produced. I think there is a large void of knowledge."

"I think people are used to walking in, picking it up, you don't have to spare a thought of how it was produce. Perhaps farmers have been not so good at communicating about what we're doing. I recently took some sheep into a school just north of Birmingham and the kids there, probably 25% of them had never ever seen a sheep before in real life. Lots of people don't know anything about where their food comes from." Adam continues: "Hopefully this book will help people think about it. Mealtimes are for me a wonderful time at home. You sit down with friends and family. phones off, have wonderful conversations. Perhaps you can start with what you're eating, what have you got on your plate? Celebrate the food that's on your plate that you're about to consume and have a think about how it was produced."

A Year On Adam's Farm

is out now.