Ruth Jones: "I never really thought I'd write novels"

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22 May 2021, 13:59

The screenwriter, actress and author joined Graham live from her home in Cardiff to chat about her new book 'Us Three' which is out now in paperback.

"I never really thought I'd write novels" Ruth admitted, chatting to Graham about her second book.

So how did she get into it?

"Never Greener Ruth's first novel was a screenplay that I'd written 15 years before I wrote the book and so it was sort of hiding in a cupboard somewhere and then I resurrected it"

"In a way I think Us Three was probably more my first novel, it was probably more like me. I think I wanted to write something Welsh because Never Greener wasn't, there was a Welsh character in there but I wanted to write something that was set in Wales"

Explaining that she wanted to move out of the "relationship arena" of her first book and explore the life-sharing that happens in long term friendships, she told Graham "I just think it's a really interesting place to explore because you share so much of your life, you go through those milestones together"

"Friends that were, say, there when I passed my driving test were at my dad's funeral or at my wedding, so you share all these things and I love that code of reference and that humour that you all share"

Us Three explores this through the lens of a friendship trio, best friends since school who took an oath in school to always be there for each other. Following them from a teenage trip through to adult life, the book explores how the nature of the friendship changes and whether or not they can repair there relationships after a huge turn of events.

Ruth's second (self-proclaimed first) novel is not the last in her role as author, either, as she told Graham that her third novel 'Love Untold' is now available for pre-order. If TV is more your gig, Ruth will be co-writing two upcoming series with David Pete but admitted she's can't tell us anything yet - more to be revealed.

Us Three by Ruth Jones is available in paperback now.

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