Tom Ellis: "I've had a lot of pinch-me moments"

Virgin Radio

22 May 2021, 14:48

Joining the Graham down the line from Los Angeles proved an eye-wateringly early start for Lucifer star Tom Ellis this morning.

"It's 4:05am so that's early morning these days, it was the middle of the night back in the day, but yeah early morning for me" he laughed.

Series 5 of Lucifer is back for part 2, so the leading man himself joined the Graham Norton Radio Show with Waitrose to chat about all the goings-on.

Revealing that they'd started on the much-awaited second half of series 5 in 2019, Tom explained: "We were two weeks away from finishing when we were shut down for Covid" 

"We came back, finished that season and went straight on to season 6" he told Graham, revealing that filming for the sixth and final season is already complete.

"I've had a lot of pinch-me moments during this whole experience" he said of the large-scale show. 

"When we were shooting the pilot, for example, we had that stretch of Hollywood Boulevard closed where they had the red carpet for the Oscars"

"Basically for five nights in a row we had that section closed off to do a shoot and I was like 'This is just... crazy!' and then when we finished the next week we were filming something driving off into the sunset in Malibu and I just... I couldn't get my head around it"

Tom is currently based in Los Angeles but does miss the UK, reminiscing on his Welsh and English upbringing. It was English TV that he was formerly best known for, starring opposite Miranda Hart as her love interest Gary Preston in much-loved sitcom Miranda.

"Miranda being successful in the UK was great but it also kind of meant that every time I went to audition for things people were expecting me to be Gary from Miranda"

"So I was starting to come to the States to audition for things and people didn't know who I was or what Miranda was"

"It was like a nice blank canvas to walk into a room and people not have any expectations... so I got a fair crack of the whip as they say when I started auditioning out here"

"The way Miranda took off gave me the confidence to come over to LA and maybe something might happen and... it did"

Well, it looks like it's turned out well for Tom! Catch him in part 2 of Lucifer series 5 next Friday, before the drop of the sixth and final season is confirmed.

Season 5 part 2 of Lucifer premieres on Netflix next Friday 25th May.

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