Queen of baking Mary Berry talks her new book Love To Cook

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15 Nov 2021, 11:24

One of the country's best-loved bakers and cooks, Mary Berry has a new book and series and joined The Graham Norton Radio Show with Waitrose to talk about her latest project.

Needless to say, Graham is a big fan as he told Mary: "I could really go home and throw away all my other cookbooks. I mean, it's all in here!"

He asked: "Everything's in here. You've got so many books out, so when the idea of a new book comes, how do you go about it? Because it's a mammoth task."

Mary agreed: "It is a mammoth task! I wrote it in troubled times, when we were at home."

"I think everybody began to love to cook during the pandemic, because you were stuck at home, we were too, just my husband and myself," she explained.

"You had time, this great, wonderful thing. We were growing things in the garden and making use of them," she said, as many of us got into gardening and growing during lockdown.

"We try it all. We get opinions of everything, but they're really good recipes," she added. "When you give them to the family they'll say ooh and ahh!"

Graham praised further: "I trust you, so I trust that when I do one of these recipes, it will look like the picture at the end if even I am following it" he joked.

"During lockdown I got so bored of my own cooking. Did you get bored of your own cooking in lockdown?" he asked.

It was a no from Mary, as Graham laughed "No because you're really good at it!"

"I made batches of things," revealed Mary. "I would freeze half and have it another time. I would have to remind myself I'd got it in the freezer."

Now life is getting busier again, Mary has essential tips of how to manage: "Prepare ahead. I find now we're back to normal, it's wonderful to have people around and everybody's busy and so there are prepare ahead recipes."

"I also give lots of tips. But I think it's organisation, isn't it? I think people will look at the picture and think "wow, I want to make that" and there aren't too many ingredients."

Mary is keen to keep up-to-date with the modern way of eating too and said the savoury recipes in her book are some of her favourites.

"We've done a bit of plant food in the book because we've got to move with the times. It's good for us. We've done some wonderful plant burgers, which one of my granddaughters says is the best one she's ever had."

High praise indeed!

Love To Cook is on BBC2 at 8pm on Thursday.

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