Anton Du Beke on his new book We'll Meet Again and being a Strictly judge

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15 Nov 2021, 16:42

Credit: Official Press Release

The pro dancer turned Strictly judge and Sunday Times best-selling author joined the Graham Norton Radio Show with Waitrose to talk about his romantic new novel and fitting in on the judges' panel.

He told Graham about the offering: "I’m absolutely delighted, thank you to everybody who's bought the books. I've had wonderful feedback, which has been really encouraging and you just hope everybody else is enjoying it as well. But the question that was posed to me right at the beginning after book one was, what do we do now? Do we go off in a different direction, do something else and a new story or do we continue?

"I love the characters and it became clear to me very quickly that the star of the piece really was the hotel. Once that became clear in my mind, I could then have anybody walking through the doors of the Buckingham Hotel and dancing in the wonderful Grand Ballroom with the orchestra and then go through the natural timeline. Now we've entered into the beginning of the Second World War. My novels are punctuated by real life events. I can't rewrite history so that is set and what I do then is I weave the story in."

On loving his new role as a judge, he laughed: “I like the Results Show a lot better. I’ve already made the final! It’s lovely. I do enjoy it because when you're dancing, you're so focused on yourself and every week there’s a chance it could be your last week and certainly when you get to the sharp end as we are now, anything could happen.

"It's really exciting but as a judge I sit there and I see everything going on and I can see everybody’s journey. I see what they're doing, how they're developing and I try to give advice that will relate to something they might be doing in the future. I try not to dwell too much about what they've just done unless I can help them in the future. 

“The pros have been wonderful. They've been really supportive and are really enjoying what I've been doing as a judge and they're just the most wonderful people. I miss not being with them, I must say, being in the group together, doing the numbers and things. It is the most exciting place in the world to be because the energy and the talent is a wonderful thing. They've been so supportive and wonderful to me and from the bottom of my heart it's made the whole thing better for me.”

We'll Meet Again is out now.

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