Alan Carr - 'I'm obsessed with Agatha Christie!'

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14 Aug 2022, 15:19

The comedian tells us all about his new documentary.

Love a mystery? You're in luck! Alan Carr's Adventures With Agatha Christie is a new three-part documentary exploring the life and times of the Queen of the whodunnit, Dame Agatha Christie.

The British comedian popped into The Graham Norton Show With Waitrose this weekend to tell Graham about his lifelong obsession with the author of Murder on the Orient Express, Death on the Nile and the many other classic tomes she put her name to.

'I'm a huge fan, and always have been," says Alan, who is currently midway through his 'Regional Trinket' tour. "My dad being a football manager [Graham Carr is currently an associate director for Northampton Town] and he would take me as a kid to WH Smiths and try to get me to read Match or Score or something like that, but I always just wanted Agatha Christie books!

He continues; "She's thought of as cosy, but she's not, she really isn't. Her books are so gripping! The plot twists and the red herrings are ingenious and it's not like when you read some books and then the murderer is revealed on the last page and you think, 'I've never heard of him'. The clues are all there!"

The three part documentary will explore the life and times of the writer, who passed in 1976 at the age of 85. Including the mystery that inserted itself into her own life in 1926.

"She went missing and was later found in Harrogate," explains Alan. "When you watch the show, you'll understand more. She lost her mum. Her husband was having an affair. And she had what was probably a breakdown. I just feel sorry for her really. She left a note to say 'I'm going away now'. Then she dumped her car and and the papers turned against her. It's sort of what made her a star.

He continues; "People were complaining about spending all his money looking for this author who'd gone missing, but she was in a spa in Harrogate, having what looked like quite a good time!"

Alan laughs.

"My diary is getting awfully busy - maybe I should try it!"

Alan Carr's Adventures With Agatha Christie begins tonight, August 14th at 9pm, on More4.

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