Asim Chaudhry - "I was a bit disappointed to learn that I die"

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14 Aug 2022, 21:51

The 'People Just Do Nothing' star appears in 'The Sandman' adaptation.

First published back in 1989, Neil Gaiman's comic is one of the most lauded graphic novels of all time, and the recently released Netflix adaptation has received similar levels of praise.

You might best know Asim Chaudhry as one of the stars of People Just Do Nothing, the BBC made urban music mockumentary which saw the actor appear as the scene stealing Chabuddy G.

In something of a departure, he's now appearing as Abel in the aforementioned Netflix series. He popped into The Graham Norton Show With Waitrose this morning to tell us all about it.

"I wasn't familiar with the graphic novels, really," he says, "And when I first got the script, after I'd read the first scene, I was, like, "great, I die". I was flipping the pages until, "phew, I come back..."

He continues; "It's a bit arrogant to say, but I was sent some artwork for the character, and I was like, "Oh my God, they've illustrated me as Abel, that's embarrassing. They haven't done that for the other actors. They don't look anything like them..." And then later on, I found out that's actually how the character looks in the comics. I'm a dead ringer for the actual comic book character, a chubby, kind of goofy, hairy fella. I look just like him. It was kind of perfect casting in that sense!"

Asim also took time to update us as to the state of play with People Just Do Nothing. Braap! Braap!

"We're taking a break at the moment. We did five seasons, we did a movie, and it was a lovely journey. I think we're doing podcasts now for Audible, but it's time to do a few other bits and bobs. The boys have got other shows. I've got other shows and other films. It's nice to have a break. I don't mind being Chabuddy G for the rest of my life, but it's nice to do a few other things as well, just to test yourself.

He laughs; "It makes us feel really old now because I have people coming up to me, saying, "my big brother used to show me your stuff when I was growing up", and I was like, "Chill out! God!" But it's also a nice thing. I was talking to Sanjeev [Bhaskar] actually about how Goodness Gracious Me inspired my generation. He was so sweet and humble. He said, "Well, your show inspired your generation..."

Asim continues; "We just keep on moving and inspiring each other and learning from each other. Like I say, it's been an amazing journey."

The Sandman is available to stream now on Netflix.

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