Imelda May - 'We're holding two film premieres. My dad couldn't come to the first one!'

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14 Aug 2022, 22:55

The singer tells us all about her acting debut.

Irish singer Imelda May is known for her eclectic musical career, but she's never acted in a movie before. Until now.

The 48 year old appeared on The Graham Norton Show With Waitrose this morning to tell us more about her role in Fisherman’s Friends: One and All, the sequel to 2019's Fisherman's Friends.

That film told the story of the Cornish fishermen of the same name who were signed by Universal Records and achieved a top 10 hit with their debut album of traditional sea shanties. This new film tells the stories of the world's oldest 'buoy band' as they attempt their difficult second album.

Virgin Radio's very own Chris Evans even makes an appearance!

"I think this film is better than the first one," Imelda whispers. "The first movie was about the band getting signed. They're a wonderful group of people who I've fallen madly in love with. I've sang with them a few times, and we've done the soundtrack together, which is out on the same day as the movie. But this movie is about what happens next, and maybe it touches on the madness of fame."

She continues; "All of a sudden, they have to deal with the madness of touring, so it digs into mental health, and especially male mental health, but in the most beautiful way. It's all about camaraderie, and family and how to hold each other up..."

The film will have two premieres, one in Cornwall where the film is set and was filmed. The other in Dublin. Why Dublin, you might ask? Because Imelda's dad couldn't attend the first one!

"My dad was furious, because he couldn't come to the one in Cornwall," she explains. "So I said, 'Okay, I'll have a premiere just for you'. And I was half joking. But I had to do it because he had his suit and everything ready. So I said, 'let's do it', but it's turned from a little thing that we were going to do to this fairly big thing. It's sold out, all the tickets have gone - and he's asked if he can sign autographs..."

She continued; "My mum and dad came to all of my gigs, but my mum passed away just before Christmas and my dad has been lost without her. So I'm trying to give him all the joy I can. I just want him to feel fabulous. I feel like it's my dad's premiere, really..."

We're sorry Imelda, we think there's something in our eye...

'Fisherman’s Friends: One and All' arrives in cinemas on August 19th, 2022.

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