Prue Leith - "All food is better on toast!"

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2 Oct 2022, 17:40

The baking legend has written the best book to ever exist.

If there's one thing we can all agree on, whatever our religion, political persuasion, or gender identity, it's that toast - toast! - is probably the greatest food in the world.

Someone who is very much of that belief is The Great British Bake Off's Prue Leith, who popped into The Graham Norton Radio Show this morning to talk about her new book, Bliss On Toast.

"During lockdown I was cooking an awful lot for two," she says, "and I don't like cooking for two, so I tended to make more food than I needed. And then I'd have all these leftovers. I'm far too mean to throw anything away, so we'd end up with whatever I had made the day before on toast."

She continues, "Then I realised that anything that is delicious, whatever it is, it could be beef stew or seafood Caesar salad, or whatever, it is all is better on toast than without toast. I started just putting stuff on toast and taking pictures, you know, sort of little Instagram type pictures. Then I realised there's a book in this. Toast gives you excuse not to boil potatoes or make rice or pasta or anything - you just get your carbohydrates from the toast underneath your protein."

Genius Prue! Genius!

Bliss On Toast isn't the only book Prue is putting out into the world. She's updating her 2012 memoir I'll Try Anything Once and re-releasing it too. But why?

"Well, mainly because a lot has happened in the last 10 years or something," she says. "I've built a new house completely, made a television programme about gardening, I've got onto Bake Off... but there's been sad things too. My beloved younger brother died, and so, I just needed to update it. It's being published for the first time in America too, so I thought, well, if I'm going to do a new publication altogether, yes, I might as well update the initial version too."

Ruth also has a one-woman stage show she's taking out in the UK and Ireland next year, full of rich stories from her fascinating life. Tickets are available here. But before we let Prue go, we had to ask her to tell us something that would taste good on toast that we might not have thought of.

She went big.

She laughs, "Have you never tasted bananas and whiskey or rum and bananas and hazelnuts with a bit of maple syrup on it? And a dollop of vanilla ice cream? I have to tell you, that is toast to die for!"

Bliss On Toast is available to buy in bookshops now. Bread is available in supermarkets, too.

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