Dylan Llewellyn tells Graham Norton: 'I must be the first Englishman who's not a soldier on a Derry mural'

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27 Feb 2023, 09:21

Graham Norton and Dylan Llewelyn

Best known for starring in 'Hollyoaks' and 'Derry Girls', he's now taking on a new BBC role.

Death in Paradise might have come to an end on Friday (February 24th), but fans of the crime drama are already finding solace in spin-off Beyond Paradise, which aired its first episode on the same day.

A synopsis on the BBC's website states: "A new adventure awaits as DI Humphrey Goodman and Martha leave London for Devon. Humphrey dives into his first case, which involves an unusual prime suspect: a 17th-century witch."

The new show sees Kris Marshall returning as the aforementioned fan-favourite, but among the new faces is Dylan Llewellyn, who despite being 30, is playing an adult character for the first time!

Dylan is from Reigate, Surrey and had his first big break on Hollyoaks playing Martin 'Jono' Johnson, a college student who appeared from 2011 to 2012 and who tragically died following a bus crash.

He's probably best known for playing schoolboy James Maguire in the Channel 4 sitcom Derry Girls, mind.

"It's really nice going back to Derry," he says. "They always treated me nice, but they treat me really nice now. There is of course the mural of the cast up there now too [located on the side of Badger’s Bar and Restaurant, opposite the Foyleside shopping centre]. I sometimes joke that must be the first Englishman who's not a soldier on a mural."

James was 25 when he got the part in Derry Girls. He says that Beyond Paradise is the start of him playing age appropriate roles, which is something he's "very excited about".

"I play a policeman in the new show," says Dylan, whose character is called PC Kelby Hartford. "I'm kind of like a West Country Terminator. Jumping on boats and things. I'm pretty indestructible!"

If you haven't already got onboard with the new series, Dylan says that if you're a fan of Death in Paradise, you'll most likely enjoy the new show too.

"It's a whodunnit like Death in Paradise," he says, "that's how they hook you. They definitely share DNA, but I think Beyond Paradise does it's own thing too."

Dylan, we'll be watching you every step of the way. Even in 40 years when you've got a Zimmer frame if you're lucky.

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