Queer Eye: Antoni Porowski shares 'incredibly secret' season 7 updates

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4 Apr 2023, 14:11

Antoni Porowski

Credit: Rex

Queer Eye's Antoni Porowski has teased what to expect from the upcoming seventh season of the show.

Antoni Porowski teased some details of the seventh season of Queer Eye. 

Speaking to Tom Daley, on his podcast, Made With Love, Poroski was only able to reveal a few secrets about the upcoming series. 

Poroski, the Canadian TV personality, told Daley how little he even knew about the latest season. 

"Netflix is incredibly secretive. We usually find out about two to three weeks before it happens, and then we figure out if we're going to be doing press, how much of it is in New York or LA, we get our assets and our little trailers and clips and stuff to post."

When asked by Daley if he was able to share when the season would be released he said: "Genuinely, and I'm not just saying this, I have no idea.”

There is yet to be a release date or any trailers available yet for the seventh season of the Netflix series. 

In the meantime, here's the trailer for season 6:

The food and wine expert on the show did say he fans would enjoy another excellent season as he confirmed that they had finished filming. 

When discussing the filming the series, Porowski said: "It all pretty much happens in real time and then we're left scrambling and just figuring it out. But there is a new season coming out,

"We filmed it in New Orleans this past summer, which was really great despite it being the height of hurricane season."

The Queer Eye star admitted he was hesitant to audition for the Netflix series. 

"I just got a chill down my spine because it was talking about my personal life and sexuality, and it wasn't anything that I wanted to share with the public, but I was so afraid.

"This is where a mentor, a good friend of mine, Klaus, was telling me you have to audition for it.

"He said, 'Well, if you don't get it, you're going to live in regret, but if you try it and you don't get it, at least you'll know you tried. You would've tried and you're already thinking about it anyway, so you might as well just lean into the fear'.

He added: “I've tried to remember that with everything that I approach."