Taskmaster reveals 'worst task' in show’s history

Virgin Radio

5 May 2023, 10:17


Credit: Channel 4

Taskmaster Greg Davies has deemed this challenge the “worst-ever” task in the show’s history.

With the 15th series well underway, Wednesday night’s episode (3rd May) saw the five contestants- Mae Martin, Ivo Graham, Frankie Boyle, Jenny Eclair, Kiell Smith-Bynoe- compete for more points.

This time, they were tasked with peeling an egg without using their hands, the aim being to remove the shell and leave as few pieces as possible.

Host Alex Horne laid out the instructions as the puzzled contestants looked onto the line of eggs presented to them.

As usual, there were some different approaches to the challenge with Ivo spending most of his 10 minutes wondering how to break the egg, while Jenny just to decided to eat it. When that didn’t work, she took off her show in the hope that she could maybe use her laces.

Frankie’s attempt was a bit more considered, as the comedian dropped the eggs into water to figure out which one was the heaviest.

However, Mae’s attempt was by far the worst.

They decided the best way to get the shell in tact was to poke a hole in the middle of the raw egg and suck the inside out.


After handing out the scores, Greg said: “Let’s just agree that this has been the worst task, and the worst response to a task in fifteen series. Let’s move on.”

It seems their efforts were not in vain thought, as Mae ended up winning the episode meaning they have been in won a total of three out of six episodes.

This comes after news a Junior Taskmaster will be making its way to Channel 4, which you can read more about here.