Tom Cruise pulls off another insane stunt in new Mission: Impossible movie

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5 May 2023, 14:13

Tom Cruise

Credit: Getty/Paramount Pictures

A first look at the new Mission: Impossible movie sees Tom Cruise in action once again.

The actor is no stranger to getting stuck into wild stunts and action in his movies. In the previous Mission: Impossible film, Cruise jumped out of a plane 100 times and for Top Gun: Maverick, he took to the skies in his Red Tail plane.

Now, he’s at it again for Dead Reckoning part one.

In a first look image (via Empire), Cruise’s Ethan Hunt can be seen battling it out with Esai Morales’ villain on top of a speeding train.

A trailer released last year also showed Cruise executing a crazy stunt by driving a motorbike over a cliff-face.

Speaking about the stunts, director Christopher McQuarrie explained the challenges that sometimes crop up when including them in the film.

He told Empire: “There’s a whole class of action movies centred around awe.

“For me, awe is a condiment, not a course. I have an actor who will drive a motorcycle off a cliff. Now the hard part is, I gotta make the audience care about that.”

Dead Reckoning will be the seventh instalment in the Mission: Impossible series, due to premiere this summer, and actor Simon Pegg, has some thoughts as to why they are so popular.

Speaking on the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with cinch, he said: “The big selling point for them is that all the stunts that you see are real. They are actually done practically. There's FVX used in the movie, like any movie these days, just for seasoning, but anything you see Tom Cruise doing, which is dangerous, he does it.”