Kevin Bacon visits Footloose school 40 years on - 'It blows my mind'

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22 Apr 2024, 11:46

Kevin Bacon

Credit: Rex

Four decades on from the release Footloose in 1984, Kevin Bacon returned to Payson High School before it is relocated. 

Bacon attended the Utah high school on the day of the school’s final prom before it is demolished for a new school to be built.

The visit followed a student-led social media campaign to get Bacon to attend the school ahead of their Footloose-themed prom. He went to the football field where he chatted with the students who had worked so hard to get him there.

After walking out to the titular theme song, Footloose by Kenny Loggins, Bacon told the crowd of students: “Go Lions! Here we are in this beautiful, beautiful spot on this beautiful, beautiful day. It’s been a long time; it’s been 40 years. I mean that just blows my mind, you know. 

“Things look a little different around here. I’d say the thing that looks the most different is me.” He added that the students were unrelenting in their desire to have him return and they eventually talked him into it. “I think it’s great to see that kind of commitment to anything," he continued.

The students used #bacontopayson to get the star’s attention but finally caught his eye when they planned an event on the day of their prom to benefit his foundation

The foundation established in 2007 uses the small world phenomenon to raise money based on the principle that everyone is in need of a connection. It centres around working towards youth empowerment, justice and equality, and a sustainable working environment. 

The students pledged to create 5,000 essential resource kits for youth schools of the 40,000 goal for the foundation.

Speaking on the kits, Bacon said: “[You are] turning what could be just a movie star coming back to get a pat on the back, into something really positive. And that’s what we’re going to do today when we build these kits.

“Thank you so much four your commitment to giving back to your community and to the people you’re sharing this planet with, and I’m thrilled we’re going to be working here together today.”