Ranvir Singh announces new game show hosting role

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22 Sep 2021, 14:57

Credit: Getty

Singh announced on air on Good Morning Britain that she would soon be heading up a new daytime game show.

Ranvir Singh, Good Morning Britain's political editor and deputy presenter, recently shared some big news during a live broadcast. On Wednesday's episode, the TV personality revealed she will soon be fronting a brand new daytime game show.

Describing the show, which will air next year in a 3pm slot, Ranvir said "It'll be riddles or some of those sayings, it's like an optical illusion. They are brilliant."

“We did a pilot up in Manchester and everyone was completely riveted by them. You get visual clues, so say for example you might have vaders - VADERS - it's a visual one so I'm not doing a very good job at explaining it - but it would be space invaders that kind of thing."

Although fellow host Richard could’t quite grasp the programme’s concept, he wished his co-host the best of luck with her exciting new project. 

This announcement comes shortly after Singh sparked a conversation about life as a working mother when she answered a phone call from her son live on air. Ranvir told her co-host Susana Reid “Oh hang on a second, my son is FaceTiming me whilst I'm on air. Sorry, I'm just going to have to answer to check if everything is OK at home”. 

In an article she penned for the Telegraph following the incident, Singh spoke of the intense ‘mum guilt’ she feels as being a busy working mum, especially as she is now a single parent following her split from husband Ranjeet Singh Dehal. In the Telegraph piece, she commented that “finding the perfect balance when juggling a career and family is the holy grail”.