Britain’s favourite Pixar films - ranked

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22 Sep 2021, 15:13

Credit: Pixar / Disney

Credit: Pixar / Disney

A recent study has shown which of the Disney-owned animation studio’s films are the nation’s favourites.

Play Like Mum has taken a dive into the data to find out which Pixar films are Britain’s favourites. Compiling box office stats and critics reviews, they’ve created a list of the studio’s best loved movies among the British public. 

Of all 24 Pixar films, dead last place was Cars 2 with a paltry 40% positive critics score. All three Cars films occupy the bottom five in the rankings, alongside The Good Dinosaur and Brave. In the middle ranks we have The Incredibles at 14, Wall-E at 13, and Ratatouille at 12. The full list is available here on the Play Like Mum website, but here’s a breakdown of the top 5.

5. Toy Story 4

The 2019 instalment in the Toy Story series was a hit with parents and kids alike, some of those parents having watched the first Toy Story as children themselves back in 1995. The film centres around Woody helping another toy, Forky, to realise his value. 

  • 97% Critic Score

  • 94% Audience Score

  • £773,219,700 Gross Worldwide Box Office Revenue

  • 8,661,000 Annual Search Volume

4. Finding Nemo

This 2003 animated classic follows clownfish Marlin’s journey to rescue his son from a dentist office aquarium after he is abducted from their home reef. The film features Ellen Degeneres as forgetful fish Dory, as well as voice acting appearances from Willem Dafoe and Allison Janney. 

  • 99% Critic Score

  • 86% Audience Score

  • £1,005,062,333 Gross Worldwide Box Office Revenue

  • 4,6444,000 Annual Search Volume

3. Toy Story 3

Another appearance from the Toy Story saga makes the top five. The 2010 film sees Andy head off to college and the toys are left as donations for a daycare. Convinced this was a mistake, the toys set out on an adventure to get back home.

  • 98% Critic Score

  • 90% Audience Score

  • £962,286,886 Gross Annual Worldwide Box Office Revenue

  • 3,691,000 Annual Search Volume

2. Coco

In second place is Coco, a 2018 film following 12 year old musician Miguel. Miguel pursues his musical passions despite his family’s ban on music, until one day he stumbles into the Land of the Dead, where he discovers his great-great Grandfather was a famous musician. 

  • 97% Critic Score

  • 94% Audience Score

  • £648,121,121 Gross Worldwide Box Office Revenue

  • 64,470 Annual Search Volume

1. Up

The winner for Britain’s favourite is Up. The 2009 tear jerker tells the story of Carl, a grumpy old widower who sets to the skies in his house to find Paradise Falls, his wife’s dream destination. Carl accidentally picks up stowaway Russell, and the two form an unlikely friendship as they journey through the forests together. 

  • 98% Critic Score

  • 90% Audience Score

  • £673,852,228 Gross Worldwide Box Office Revenue

  • 141,200,000 Annual Search Volume