The Pentagon UFO Files: New series to explore ‘shocking truth’ behind declassified 'alien' footage

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21 Jan 2022, 11:07

Credit: IMDb

Credit: IMDb

UFO enthusiasts will no doubt be eager to see this latest documentary series. 

The Pentagon UFO Files promises to take a look at the ‘shocking truth’ found in declassified documents, which the US Department of Defence released back in April 2020. 

According to Unilad, the files contained three video clips of ‘unidentified aerial phenomena (or UAP)', and the US government ordered all intelligence agencies to share what they had on UFOs with Congress. 

While the footage and files released indicated flying objects not known to the US government, nothing much happened after that. 

Rather than taking this as an amazing discovery of extraterrestrial life, a subsequent report didn’t come up with any conclusions other than it having nothing to do with aliens, and rather a big threat to US national security. 

Check out the trailer below:

The findings left experts scratching their heads, and now in February, this docu-series will take a look at what it calls ‘the most momentous intelligence failure of our generation’.

The Pentagon UFO Files will have a number of Britain's leading UFO experts going over the leaked footage and according to the new trailer and synopsis, these researchers will not hold back on their anger over ignored discoveries. 

In the official IMDb description, it says: “After years of silence and secrecy the US government has finally revealed evidence of extraterrestrial life which could shatter our very perception of mankind's place in the universe.

“Now with military confirmation of unexplainable aerial phenomenon, the debate of alien life invading Earth is becoming a foreseeable possibility. Are we ready for what the future holds?”

The Pentagon UFO Files will be available on iTunes, Amazon Prime, Google Play and Microsoft on 22nd February.