Netflix announces big update on Squid Game season 2

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21 Jan 2022, 15:26

Credit: Netflix

Credit: Netflix

It seems the show has been given the green light.

The streaming platform finally announced yesterday (20 January) their plans for the future of the hit series Squid Game.

In a statement, co-CEO of the company, Ted Sarandos, confirmed there will “absolutely” be a second season of Hwang Dong-hyuk’s dystopian series.

According to Deadline, he also teased we could be seeing even more, and the future of Squid Game stretched way beyond season two.

This is only the beginning of the games, and Sarandos thinks there is more to come in that ‘universe’.

At the end of the first season, we saw the main character, Gi-hun looking rather revengeful with his brand-new cherry-red hair. Could the future of the series be something to do with that?

The co-CEO also went on to say how incredible the success of k-drama had been over the past couple of months and said the cinema and television coming out of the country was “great content”.

He continued: “They didn't try to make the show different so that it would travel but tried to find all the things about Korean cinema and Korean drama and build them up in that way and new levels of production values.

Credit: Netflix

Credit: Netflix

"It's not like we had to go in and teach anyone in Korea how to make great content. It's an incredible market for that."

We have suspected a new season of Squid Game would be coming as Hwang Dong-hyuk has expressed how excited he is to plan a future for Lee Jung Jae’s character, Gi-hun.

However, this is the first time Netflix has officially confirmed the renewal of the series.

According to Digital Spy, Lee Jun-jae is just as keen as we are for the return of his character. He said: "I will promise you this… Gi-hun will come back, and he will do something for the world.”

The actor also expressed the hopes he has for the character and how he wants the next season of the show to be just as shocking and unpredictable.

"I have no idea what will happen or the scale of it, but the only thing [Hwang] did tell me was that Seong Gi-hun is going to be in the show again, and he's going to be playing in the arena again.”

Very interesting!

We’ll keep our eyes peeled for a release date.

Squid Game season 1 is streaming now on Netflix. Season 2 has been confirmed.