Billie Piper making her Doctor Who comeback after 14 years

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17 Feb 2022, 14:38

Credit: Getty / BBC

BP is reprising her role as Rose Tyler and lending her vocals to a new audio story series called The Dimension Cannon.  

The actress and singer - who starred alongside David Tennant as The Doctor's companion between 2005 and 2006 - will be heard alongside Camille Coduri as Rose’s mum Jackie Tyler and Mark Benton as Clive Finch.

Billie said about her exciting : "The Dimension Cannon is such a brilliant idea and gives Rose a lot more life beyond the Doctor.

"But there's also something quite sad about her search. It's a real bittersweet series of tales.  It's something they talk to me about just as much as the episodes I appeared in on TV."

Credit: BBC / The Sun

She added: "It seems like there's an enormous appetite for it and it's very moving to imagine listeners spending a few more moments with this family particularly." 

Jodie Whittaker's role as the Time Lord is coming to an end soon but she's hoping the next doctor will be a woman again.

She told Radio 1: "If we had the power to choose I'm going to pick an actress who I think is really exciting and I think would be phenomenal, an actress called Lydia West. If I had the power!"

Credit: BBC / The Sun

The actress told Entertainment Weekly about filming emotional final scenes: "I've shot my version of regen[eration], and it was singularly the most emotional day on set I think I've ever had."

She said: "It's a really bizarre feeling, because it's the best time I've ever had on a job, and I made the decision to leave it, so it's a really strange thing to do to yourself.

"It was a wonderfully-celebratory-slash-grief-ridden day that I could spend with the family that I'd made. I suppose the best thing about it is that the episodes are still on.

"So until they're off, I don't have to really get my head around the fact that it's not my part!"