Guess which Bruce Willis movie has been ranked as The Most Underrated Movie Of All Time

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11 Apr 2022, 10:23

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Look Who's Talking? Death Becomes Her? Die Hard 759? Nope. One retro Bruce Willis film has been crowned the most underrated film ever. But can you hazard a guess which one it is?

The fan favourite isn't Pulp Fiction or The Sixth Sense... it's his 2000 role of David Dunn in sci-fi thriller Unbreakable.

Website Ranker explained about the voting process to find the Ten Most Underrated Movies of All-Time: "The more up-votes and a higher ratio of up-votes to down-votes, the higher something will rank, depending on how often and where it is ranked."

Also on the list is Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within; The Killing; The Cincinnati Kid; 21 Grams and The 39 Steps sitting at 10 to 6, respectively, plus Dark City in fifth place; Lolita in fourth; Blade Runner in third and The Night of The Hunter in second place, with Unbreakable at the top. 

Ranker described the list as 'movies that never hit it big at the box office, failed to receive critical praise, or were before their time'.

Unbreakable premise reads: "David, a security guard, survives a fatal train accident, only to be tracked down by a man named Elijah Price, who claims that David is blessed with superhuman abilities."

The iconic actor recently announced his retirement from acting due to suffering with aphasia diagnosis. In a statement posted to Instagram, daughter Rumer Willis said that condition 'impacts his cognitive abilities'.

Bruce Almighty forever.