Bridgerton fans are loving the secret Easter egg hidden in season 2. Did you spot it?

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11 Apr 2022, 13:17

Credit: Netflix

Did you clock the mini moment in Bridgerton? Us neither. Eagle-eyed viewers have bought to our attention the small detail that avid readers of the original books will love in episode one of season two. Still confused? Pause it on the 13.30 mark and everything will become clear.

Fans have noticed a tiny Easter egg subtly nodding to the creator and author of Bridgerton, Julia Quinn who wrote the eight novels the TV series is based on.

One entry reads: “Lady Julia – a romantic,” while another reads: “Miss Quinn – an exceptional writer.”

A viewer penned on Twitter: “Love this Easter Egg on Anthony Bridgerton‘s shortlist of potential Viscountesses."

Another added: “Love this Easter Egg from the first episode of the new @bridgerton.”

One viewer added: “Bridgerton s2 easter egg I guess: Lady Julia & Miss Quinn, a romantic and an exceptional (?) writer = Julia Quinn who wrote the books.”

Another fan said: "Love this Easter Egg on Anthony Bridgerton's shortlist of potential Viscountesses."

One viewer tweeted: "What a cute little Easter egg."

The second season has captivated audiences around the world and this time focuses on the relationship between Viscount Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey) and heiress Kate Sharma (Simone Ashley).

Based on The Viscount Who Loved Me published in 2000, season two of Quinn’s novels have been translated into 41 languages and the new series is currently flying high at the top of the Netflix charts.