Steve Coogan says MeToo movement was an 'education' and made him 'rewind and look' at himself

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11 Apr 2022, 15:22

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Comedy legend Steve Coogan has revealed that the #MeToo movement made him have a good hard look at his own behaviour when it came to women.

The star of new six-part Channel 4 comedy-drama Chivalry plays an old-school producer who works alongside feminist director (Sarah Solemani).

Sarah and Steve met on the set of 2019 film Greed. Coogan remembered how their initial row sparked a creative flame: “I was just playing devil’s advocate and firing off salvos, knowing I was in the safe space with Sarah Solemani. And someone said, ‘You two should write something.'”

Coogan told The Times about the MeToo movement: “A lot of men have felt strangulated, petrified, and don’t know how to even start that discussion. They don’t say anything, and after a while that point of view atrophies, because it’s unheard.

“It was an education for me. As a man, you rewind and look at your behaviour.”

He has admitted in his 2015 autobiography: “I don’t regret sleeping with all those girls, not really. I thought I was Byronic . . . if I was still shagging around now, it would be a bit grim.”

Coogan added about humour being OK in the subject: “If men and women are both laughing at the same thing, then you’ve built a little bridge in that moment where you can both meet in the middle.” 

On his upcoming tour Stratagem with Alan Partridge, Steve told our Chris Evans recently: “The show is basically Alan saying anyone who’s got a problem, is frustrated, has got confidence issues, has got a phobia, or has got a spiritual deficit in their life, Alan wants them to come to the live show, and he will put all that right. He will be a life-coach, a sort of life-guru.

“The first half will be Alan trying to be profound and clever, with a polo-neck and a headset, and the second half will be more all-singing, all-dancing. So, work first, and then we can play!”

Chivalry starts at 10pm on Friday 21 April on Channel 4.