You won't believe the celebrity TV show Stranger Things star Natalia Dyer wants to go on

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6 May 2022, 09:47

Credit: Rex

If you were to go on a TV contest, which one would it be? According to Stranger Things star Nancy Wheeler (aka Natalia Dyer), there's one show in particular she has an ambition to appear on.

Nope, not Celebrity Big Brother... but Celeb Bake Off. As season 4 volume 1 edges closer and closer, she told Cosmopolitan UK she’d be keen to appear on the soul-soothing show.

During the interview, she confessed to her ‘love of scones and tiny sandwiches’ and that she used to think ‘high tea was tea time that happened every day’.

Speaking about her love of a cream tea, she said: "I always romanticised it, so every time I go to England, I have to get it.

"And I love The Great British Bake Off. It’s such a pleasant thing to watch, something about it just soothes the soul.

"I’ve seen some clips of the celebrity one, which I think is so funny. If they let Americans on… I’m keen."

Natalia spoke about the upcoming series being ‘darker, scarier and more intense’ than ever and starring alongside her on-screen love interest and real-life boyfriend Charlie Heaton (Jonathan Byers).

Questioning why ‘people want to know about' her love life, she shared that it’s ‘a natural instinct to want to know more about the people who are on your screens for hours’.

"Now that I’ve experienced the other side of it… It sounds so cliché, but I’m just a person, too.

"Some people are very good about being open and sharing, and other people feel a little more comfortable holding some things for themselves."

But not when it comes to baking...

Stranger Things season 4 volume 1 drops on Netflix on Friday May 27.