Meg Ryan returns to rom-coms with new movie What Happens Later with The X-Files star

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6 May 2022, 10:09

Credit: Getty

The queen of rom-coms is back. Meg Ryan is due to jump head first into directing and starring in new project What Happens Later alongside David Duchovny.

According to Variety, the When Harry Met Sally actor will be wearing all the hats for the upcoming romantic comedy which has been described as 'evolved and nostalgic' and sees Ryan and Duchovny play reunited exes Willa and Bill.

Sounds like just what we need right now.

A logline for the film reads: “What if late one snowy night you came face to face with someone from your long ago? Someone who once held your secrets, because once, long ago, that person held your heart.”

Adapted from American playwright Steven Dietz’s stage show Shooting Star, it's co-written with playwright and novelist Kirk Lynn.

CEO Andrew Karpen at co-producers Bleecker Street said: “To be part of this team, bringing such a popular play to the big screen is a genuine privilege. We are beyond fortunate that the project is in the hands of one of the most gifted romantic comedy actors of her generation.

“Combined with the talent of her co-stars and producers, we are honoured to be on this journey and look forward to sharing the experience with audiences next year.”

We hope this is going to be Meg-a.